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Originally Posted by voporak View Post
Sorry pal, but I have to respectfully disagree with you. Killing a borg BoP faster means less damage the Kang takes. And guess who kills borg BoPs faster? You guessed it, tacs and escorts/BoPs. An escort is already ridiculously good at tanking, and while BoPs are not the same, they are darn close. Don't get me wrong here, I respect your opinion, but in my experience the tac in an escort/BoP is always the better guard. That's just what I think.
I get reasonable DPS, but I do so by sacrificing just about everything but movement to do it, at minimum you want some area-of-effect fire if you're going to try to just keep killing them faster than they can spawn. The problem here, is that I've got less hull than a Runabout, a Shield mult. that's a joke, and while I DO rock the Polarons, I do NOT have CC covered and put simply, I might be able to cover one side of CSE-for a while, until the Raptors and Negh'vars start spawning.

at which point, you NEED to have someone who can survive an Iso-charge hit, or survive a couple plasma torps, 'cause I ain't it.

More importantly, if you WANT the guy in the paper-hulled Bird of Prey to cover the Kang, it's useful to SAY SO, like, BEFORE 1/3 of the spawns have reached it, he's out of position, and you've just popped the first 'second tier' Probes (thus generating Raptors and Negh'vars...)

In a BoP, it's bad when the cubes notice you, it's worse when the Assimilated Bops start calling for reinforcements and the Raptors show up, but the absolute WORST, is when these things happen, and the rest of the team haven't noticed your icon's grayed out, because they're busy scattering fire from 9km away at the Cube/probes/whatever and they're also not LOOKING BEHIND THEM.

Now...(calming down) here's the deal, 'kay? I'm set up to deal lots of damage on specific targets, I don't run 'autofire' and I don't run 'aoe" fire-I have CRF1, 2, and 3, BO2, and that's about it. I can squish an Assimilated BoP in a very short period of time, I can pop probes pretty fast, I can even chew a Cube hard enough it forgets the Fleet Defiant on it's left to focus on my skinny KDF ass.

I don't run Threat Control, I'm specced on Stealth instead. For Sci powers, I usually manage to run EPTS and TSS, and whenever I can sqeeze it in, HE-but space is limited as is power. I also run TT1 AND TT2.


I can kill 'em, but I have to be IN RANGE to do it, and can't be in 2 places simultaneously.

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