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11-24-2012, 08:51 PM
Yes this is lag. Lag has many different ways of showing itself, as the above poster has describe there are moments where it can freeze your screen and then itll catch up once the connection between you and the server are in sync again, which usually causes "rubberbanding" which you are going all over the place, or your moving forward then going back, moving forward more and moving back.. again all lag issues.

This has nothing to do with your computer (graphics card or processor) this is something Iam also experiencing in game.. so your not alone. But you can also check your setting just in case you are running the game at higher settings then it should.

Also bad framerate has noting to do with lag lol, bad framerate is running a video card at higher settings then it should depending on the game you are running.. I remember my old card was tempting to run bf3 when it first came out (at max) and woa was i gettin huge bad frame rate, to fix it all i had to do was turn down the graphics and bam it was working smooth like butter lol.
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