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Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
Just confirmed it, it's bugged. Unable to Subdue Tal Shiar Agents.

While you are at it Cryptic, how about not making that Final Fight one massive Zerg rush of Romulans and Hirogen.

Not to mention silencing the surround voice overs when the shuttle playback is in session.
Almost positive that the last zerg rush of mobs is not supposed to happen (this hit me while in the shower today LOL). If you notice, the cut scene really brings in the hirogen to the Story and I think the Hirogen Alpha's are supposed to spawn after the cut scene with the Named mob. However you get the whole lot when you get to the top of the hill and I think that it screws up the progression of the mission which makes it impossible to complete as well as making the final battle a complete zerg...
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