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11-24-2012, 09:14 PM
As I posted in the other thread, I think it's this stupid Thalaron Drone. I have done the mission twice (managed to only die once on the second run, lol). Both times, a drone was the only Romulan left standing, unkillable. I'm guessing it turned "friendly" when I respawned after dying.

Listen. Cryptic. Buddy. I know you're trying your best. But the QA is a bit lacking.

By the way, during the last battle- hold your boffs back around the bend, then draw the first group of hunters to them. Then you'll only have the Alpha and Ruul to deal with. Focus-attack your boffs on Ruul while you kite the Alpha, destroy his holoemitters, and any Thalaron drones you see. That's what worked best for me.

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