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Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
You're the one whose making assumptions, k thx.

To ask someone to post legal documentation on the internet is just asking to get sued. So if the entry itself isn't convincing then I'm just not going to try to convince you. But even if you don't believe that Cryptic tweeked my design and turned it into the Regent, the goal of this thread still stands in a simple request for the Regent's dimensions to make an accurate MSD. One that would save Cryptic's art team time to create.

And BTW, there is zero resemblence with the Enterprise-E concept except the "Turkey Wings". Which they purposely brought back because fans wanted it.
I only theorized that the Regent was designed from the design sketches, and it may not be. But the only person Ive seen say that your Frontier was tweaked to become the Regent is you... But its particularly ludacris to state that the ship shown in these pictures:


has "zero resemblance" to this:

There's a lot more resemblance to the design sketch than there is to your Frontier. (Although this could have more to do with the fact that your entry looks like it was done in MSPaint... (and honestly if it was, youve done something better in MSPaint than I ever could)) But even having looked at the Mk II Frontier, I still see more resemblance to the First Contact design sketch. (In fact I seem more resemblance to an Excelsior than the Regent in the Frontier...)

I also saw no fans wanting forward swept nacelles before the Regent came out (admittedly I didnt look so this one is possible).

I dont know how you would get sued for confirming/providing proof that Cryptic did tweak your entry. But as I understood the rules of the DTNE contest, all entries became property of Cryptic (so calling it yours, would technically be incorrect), and they didnt have to acknowledge a the use of other entries for any other purpose, nor would there have had to have been a need for Cryptic to send you legal documentation. (Ironically Im not asking for that either... a PM from JamJamz to you stating he used portions of your entry would be perfect). I wish I could find a copy of the DTNE rules... but the site that had them is gone, presumably lost in the site switch over to PWE.

Also, I dont imagine that the Cryptic art team even has a Regent-class MSD planned. I'd wager that MSDs arent high on their list in the first place. And even if you did create an accurate one... they couldnt use it anyway. (For much the same reason that they cant use player designed ships.)