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11-24-2012, 11:42 PM
The Galaxy-X is a selfish ship. You have to build the entire thing around using the lance which means dedicating all your consoles to turning, jumping and cloaking. Then dedicating Boff powers to doing as much damage as possible. Its so much fun

Heres a match I was in earlier. [Prime]

Clearly we lost, but looking at the numbers. I got 3x the damage as anyone else on the team and second highest healing. (Im a sci, so no APA).

Max weapons (plus this was aux to bat) means low healing and survivability.

I wouldnt bring this to team, in PvP or high end PvE. You can certainly build it like any other heal cruiser...but you are getting a suboptimal lance which is kinda the purpose for this three nacelled monstrosity.

My fleet calls it a doughnut because its big and round. I call it a doughnut because it should be used in moderation.