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# 1 Revamped Missions feedback
11-25-2012, 12:24 AM
After a 1.5-2 month hiatus I returned to find older missions reworked.

Gorn Minefield: Where as before I was forced to partner up with another player I can freely roam the map with little consequence of dying. I enjoyed the epicness and difficulty of the old mission and masses of ships you had to fight. Now I just move from point to point shooting things and not needing to rely on my BOFF skills. I understand that some changes had to be made but the mission is much less of a challenge, and fun, now.

Big Dig: This game moves much to quickly now. I remember when one game took forever and you often lost the mission because it was too difficult because each trip to the Dig yielded one generator. People often left the mission. When that system was changed I loved how the game changed. It became faster, more playable and beatable. What was enjoyable about it was that it was difficult but you could build momentum and move through areas but not too quickly. The fight is and was enjoyable. It moved faster than Breaking the Planet at times which was nice but allowed me to enjoy getting caught up in a good fight.

However now it runs too quickly. The times seems to have been cut by half. You used to be able to participate in all stages of the mission but I've found that I have to skip the force field section, because it moves too quickly in order to participate in fighting the boss. Or sometimes I'm been in the caverns and missed the force field and Boss fight because the speed at which the game now moves.

While the Dig may have been long for some and needed improvement it has lost its charm where I can pass some time just enjoying shooting things. It is too rushed and feels incomplete.

I know you cannot return to the older Gorn Minefield format but could you make it more challenging it would be appreciated. Could you lengthen the Dig? It seems like it is more a quick play mission instead of a mid to longer length mission.
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