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Originally Posted by trek21 View Post
Personally, I think Dan has a lot of more important things to be doing than getting little details right. Sure it'd be nice, I get that, but I'd rather they be corrected later than put a stop to everything else.
What like answer questions like this -

Q: (athourst) Are there any plans on adding in Dr. Crusher?s medical robe?

Dstahl: It is on our list for inclusion in a potential future TNG Bundle pack, so there?s a chance that you?ll see this in the future. We are going to try to release two themed bundle packs a year, so we may get to this sooner than later.

Yea, the man does have a lot of important things to be doing than getting little details right..

Trek, just take the blinkers off for once and understand that a lot of people are not happy with the game and the way it's going. "You" love the game and we get it, but why try to debunk anyone and I mean anyone, that has an issue with what Dan says or with STO.

The same goes for the "now relatively" small defenders of Cryptic. You say you love this game, yet you spend an awful lot of time on the forums "defending" Cryptic for everything. At least people like myself whom either don't play any more, or don't like features, I can understand why they come here to inform, moan, rage, whatever, but the defenders, why not either just go play the game you love, or don't response to the "negative people".

That said, to anyone, since Dan has returned as EP, what has changed for the better with STO and when Dan said he has changed, what exactly has changed?

All the ask Cryptic seem to just be the same with answers to "small" things and "fluff" to larger questions.

Everything is always about the next season.
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