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Sounds like a gleeful ol' time! the toon is sasvanti@Dominik-Caine.
Friend request sent.

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Thinking of getting the Aceton for my B'rel - can it be dropped while clock? And if so - is it useful for a sci toon running the B'rel to equip?
I use Aceton Assimilators on my B'rel, and it works great. It does not decloak you when you drop one. I've done it many times. Apparently, it is the same with mines.

Originally Posted by espiritas View Post
Aceton can be used with the B'rel cloak without too much trouble. Just like other powers it will cause a 3 second reveal.

As for effectiveness... even in pve it has somewhat limited use... it could definitely be considered a niche power. But it is very handy in nerfing the tac cubes in STF missions so their beams and cannons do considerably less damage.

I wonder if the glitch still exists where multiple stacks of aceton would actually make the tac cube energy weapons heal instead of damage. Oh yes that was fun. *chuckle*

of course torpedos are still unaffected so those one-shots can still be a problem.
It doesn't decloak you when you drop them.

It appears that they don't drain much from NPCs (particularly the Borg).

And, they do not stack if they are from the same person. I haven't been able to test if ones from other players will stack.

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thx for the info - do sci powers have any real effect on it? The toon using it will be a full spec'd sci character - I know if you drop a GW close by it is nasty - but I am wondering if the sci skills themselves help.
Is there a sci ability that boosts Flow Capacitors or Particle Generators? If not, then no, it won't boost the Aceton Assimilators drain or radiation damage. I fly a Tactical Captain, so I can boost the radiation damage with my tactical skills.

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