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# 1633 Sao Palo Defiant Problems
11-25-2012, 03:39 AM
Sao Palo Defiant Problems

Problem # 1

The Vigilant nacells fit on the Sao Palo's hull is really awarkard & Ugly. The nacells are way to low and look stupid. This needs to be fixed. Also part of the hull cuts out of the top of the nacell's top. Devs can this be fixed ?

Problem # 2

The Quad phasers controll my forward Phaser Cannons. But i'm running 3 phaser turrets on the rear that is not controlled by the Quad cannons. they fire out of sync.

Problem # 3

The material type 6 skin cannot be applied it you use any of the other defiant parts.

Please leave some good feedback I wish a DEV would respond or it would get someone's attention. i love the Defiant and would love to see these little problems fixed.

Thx ~ OOP