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I could t remember.

Harper is soon on earth debriefing the council and starfleet command on why happened. Soon after he is back on his ship oganizing the fleet. But he still has more uanswered questions then answered.

Cole sits on te bridge of his ship overlooking there plan.
*The allied fleet is now only half an hour from the nebula perimeter.*

*R.S.S. Republic.*

David: We're nearing the edge of the nebula.

Sam: On screen.

*On the viewscreen, an image of the red clouds of the nebula appears. With each passing moment, the stars begin to become clearer and clearer through the clouds.*

Warp Status?

David: Warp drive will become available in 2 minutes.

Sam: Republic to all ships. Stand by to engage Warp 5 on a heading toward Lanco III on my command.

Matt: All ships acknowledging.

David: 1 minute to warp speed.

Sam: All hands, battle stations!

*The lights dim and a red hue fills the bridge is the Red Alert Klaxon sounds.*

David: All decks acknowledge General Quarters.

T'san: Phasers charged. Torpedo bays ready. Shields at 70% and rising.

Helm: Impulse engines at 100%. Course laid in. Standing by for Warp Velocity.

Matt: All ships are reading for combat.

David: Warp Drive online!

Sam: Engage!

*The entire Allied fleet jumps to warp. A few minutes later, they drop to impulse and begin attacking the rebel forces.*

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