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My overall impression is that the in-game economy is overly biased towards spending real money for in-game equipment, which actually lowers the enjoyment of the game. The one MMO I've played recently that has got the best F2P model is GW2, which is extremely polished (very few bugs, and looks and plays brilliantly - on release). No nickle and diming, as most items for real money are cosmetics only. On top of that you can exchange in-game currency for store currency (gems).
GW2 isn't f2p, it's B2P. They get $60 out of every single person that plays it.

In STO, You can trade dilithium (in game currency) for Zen (store currency). It's even a floating currency, regulated by player supply and demand.

You can earn almost anything in STO without paying a single penny, just by converting dilithium to Zen.

People can fault STO for a lot of things, but its F2P model isn't one of them. It's one of the most progressive f2p model in MMOs.

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