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11-25-2012, 04:43 AM
Seems everything is better with epic music.

My Problem with new Romulus is not the art or the feel of the zone but that the activities do NOT feel like exploring at all.
It feels like i'm just the dude who has to walk out there and do the leg work, while the actual exploring is done by others.

Imagine how cool and awesome this all would be if there was some actual "Adventure"-Gameplay involved (you know, oldschool text adventures, with like STORY and puzzles).
Think like the "Diplomacy" missions that were introduced way back (Season 2 ???).

I want to use my brain to think about problems, make decisions, go left or right, not just run in circles and press F when something, anything blinks..., repeat until questlog says done. Go to next zone do the exact same thing again.

In particular with ROMULANS i would expect some competing between different Scientists who have different goals, you have to proof who is correct, run into a moral dilemma and then make a decision who you are going to back and things like that.

Go to Zone 1:

Scientist 1 is corrupt and wants to build a Shuttle landing pad (or a super market or whatever) who would destroy the environment,
Scientist 2 is a treehugger and wants to protect the Epoohs living environment but can't proof that they need to stay where they are or would die out. So YOUR goal is to in good old Adventure-RPG style find out what is true.
Your superiors want the Shuttle Pad, but the Starfleet charta clearly says Treehugging wins.
Moral choice: send some predators from another Zone into the Epooh fields and let them do their thing, or fight for the Epoohs against all odds.

THAT is the kind of thing i want to see.

Walking around in circles pressing F... i hate it.

Still cool video bro!

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