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Originally Posted by elandarksky View Post
I was thinking that would be more for January's Lockbox briefly mentioned in ask cryptic
Hrmm, I was going with the Jem'Hadar vs. Breen theme that's kind of played out. They dropped out the bug - so - tada, a Breen ship.

Though... in thinking about it. That kind of makes sense. I could see the Breen ship being the lockbox ship.

Leading up to that, in the "spirit of Christmas" - perhaps the limited ship will be a Deferi Cruiser, eh?

Course, they could drop out the Breen for the Winter Event and slap a Nicor in the lockbox - a cruiser with a hull regen console.

Where it gets interesting, though, is with the 3rd Anni faction specific ships. That rules out any sort of Romulan/Reman stuff. Given the mention of trying to have some TNG talent for the episode that rewards it... kind of gets into what missing ships from both sides were seen during TNG.

Considering there were only 31 appearances of Klingons in TNG (and not all of those were actual appearances) out of 176 episodes... hrmm, and it would obviously have to be a historic thing - unless...

...given the stuff with Crosby, it could be a Sela thing. Which means it could be anything...

Throw in the Andorian Battlecruiser/Heavy Escort - the Ambassador... wonder there's a sale on the "old" ships at the same time as a bonus "zen" thing.

There's quite a few ships in the pipe for the near future (if we make it past the 21st!)...

edit: Though, the Ambassador might just be the Fed anniversary ship. Course, what would the KDF ship be? Were there any KDF ships that bit the big one as the Enterprise-C went down? I can't quite remember that episode... perhaps there was a special KDF ship that was attacking the Enterprise-D?

Bah, oh well... it will be what it will be.

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