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11-25-2012, 05:42 AM
Originally Posted by pvehero View Post
Might as well have a random warpcore-explosion built into every ship....
This made me LoL for awhile.

While im not happy with Cryptic/PW once again changing the borg and ONCE AGAIN not mentioning it in the patch notes.. ( WHY is it they NEVER do that? They NEVER tell us what they change!)

It made me rise to the challenge and design a ship that could tank these new overpowered borg ships.. I can tank the borg just fine in an Atrox carrier using an Aegis set.. or my Kar'Fi carrier with the KHG set..

But it will be nice to have things back to normal and know that if i stutter step and miss a click i won't insta pop because I mistimed hitting my TeeheeSaveMeLoLbutton.. Oh wait, It was like that even before season 7 ...