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11-25-2012, 07:29 AM
so, I queue up for an ISE, and guess what I get. I get into an already failed optional, with 3 cruisers and one patrol escort.

I check out the ships more closely. there is one oddy that has only AP beams, and it is the only of the four ships that has no damages. the patrol escort has no cannons, only dual beam banks, there is an assault cruiser rainbow (he was NOVA CORE, I swear that fleet delibaretly collects all the bad stf players, 90% of my failed stfs had one of them guys in it), and another oddy which is half rainbow (only two kinds of weapon types).

so I easly assessed, that I alone have more dps than they are together in my vesta.
while the two oddys struggle with a normal sphere, and the assault cruiser is in respawn oblivion I go in, make a nice little group of the nanites and blow them to hell with some tricks of mine and a little help from the escort. as the last of them blow, the two oddys join me, and we are trying to kill the transformer. ofc it wouldnt work on first try, so kill another wave of nanites, and as my spec powers are reloaded, I can devastate the transformer, kill the two incoming spheres, and move to the other.

this goes relatively smotther, as it is, they know the tactics, they just have no means of making it work. compared to their dps, this part went relatively smooth (though admittedly there is not much to do, once I got the spheres into a grav well, sent a torp spread 3, CSV in their way, and as a parting gift an iso charge, that usually does the job in 1 minute)

so I move to the gate, again my powers are reloaded, so I can unload my 25k burst dps (I know escorts have higher, but with the vesta quantum phaser I can keep that dps up for twice the time), it goes down.

now the cube is a bit harder. I start working on it, ofc I get the aggro, so after a minute or so I have to jump out of the fight for a bit with evasives away. just at this moment, my phone rings, so I answer it, while watching how the cube makes nice explosions out of the big ships (that were neither dps, nor tank ships).

when I join back two are fighting the cube, the moment I enter 10km range I get targeted by the cube (I didnt do nothing, just entered the range, so I guess just my pure presence is more threatening than theirs). at this point all my powers are reloaded, so I just shoot everything at the cube, and watch it blow up, taking two of my glorious team with it.

and this would not have happened, if I wasnt joined into an already failed game. if it was KASE or CSE, I would have just let it fail, but with ISE, I couldnt do nothing, but fight...
with these games there should be atleast a notification, that I am joining an already running game, so I can avoid the misery.