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Originally Posted by proteus22 View Post
this rainbow used to work for me all mrk 12 gear 1antiproton dbb 1 antiproton dhc 1tetryon dhc 1 quamtum torp. rear weapons 2 antiproton turrets 1 tetryon turret tac comsoles 4 antiproton consoles
this setup uswed to be good at dropping shields allowimg torps to do more damage.
only if the 2.5% proc chance of the tetryon actually did more shield dmg than the +75 dmg on each AP, on each hit you left out for them.
Do the calculation. you did only use 2 tetryons, so the difference would be only about 150 base dmg. The tetryon proc would need to do 150 dmg on shields atleast to compensate the loss from the consoles. I doubt the proc came anywhere near these numbers with aproc chance that low and with only 2 weapons.
So no it never "really" worked...maybe for you, it was allways gimped in general, it was only not so much noticeable since you only used 2 weapons.
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