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11-25-2012, 08:16 AM
I couldn't agree more about the f2p model, you really are getting spoiled.

If you spending time searching for gear on your current level you are royally wasting time - and EC's.

Anything that isn't related to getting you a level up is a huge waste of time for the simple reason, higher level = higher rewards. So the same time you put in will be worth more - "when the time comes"

I still have plenty of tutorial missions in my log for example.

Your main tool in hitting the next level should be the mirror universe event, look for it and if it pops you should be doing nothing else than farm that for the whole hour.

Best advice I can give for a new player is read up on ship types so you don't end up picking the wrong ship for your final one, you might have to be flying that for a long time.

Then after you are done leveling, say story missions or whatever are still there waiting for you, only now you get the max reward for doing them...

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