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Is it fun? And, as an extension of that, what can it be used on? If I want to use it to drop the Tactical Cube from the end of Infected Space right in front of me, can I? Or can I not?

Secondly, if I should decide to feed the machine and get both versions would Enhanced Tactical Systems be worth using? Would it enhance the fun of using the Bortasqu's special abilities?

Also, it is important to note that I am asking from and for a PvE perspective.
I have been using the Bortasqu' tactical Cruiser on my Tactical for about 4 weeks now, with the full set, and to answer your first question: Yes, it is fun, once you get used to the turn rate, it can put out immense dps if you set it up right. My PvE and PvP builds for it are identical and use the ever-feared Dual Heavy Cannons (seems ridiculous, 5.5 degree base turn rate and DHCs but it works). If you can imagine stacking all buffs, appearing 5 km behind an enemy (Computer generated or player) begin firing a barrage of cannons while they're held in a tractor beam and then following it up with a disruptor autocannon barrage if it's not dead, then it's one hell of a tank. I average 8k in dps without buffs, and in an average alpha strike can deal 50-60k in damage. Though i wouldn't recommend it for a Sci, but an Eng does ok in it, not very tanky though.
Hope this helps