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11-25-2012, 08:49 AM
So, there I was - playing STF mission, when the game crashed.
It happend from the very first moment SE7 launched.
I tried updating my Intel HD drivers - but it was allready up to date.
Looked in evrey foroum I could - nothing.
No help on Intels' ewbsite.
And no answer from PW.
Then I went to the basic rule of all computer issues -
the bigger and complicated the problem -The simple the solution is ( or somthing like taht...)

My laptop is almost 2 years old. Lenovo Laptop.Windows 64bit.
the solution - go to your manufactors website - and download the original video driver for your computer/ laptop. No need to download from intel ( because it's a generic driver, and not one that fits all computers).
It will fix this annoying issue of game crash or sudden BSOD ( blue screen of death ).

Try this thing. It's better then to smash you computer on the wall...
Hope this solved your problem.