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Originally Posted by genemorph View Post
As a new player who started playing yesterday I have to agree with the OP. I've found the gameplay more immersive than I expected and so far I quite enjoy the game. Despite somehow being ganked by another player in Earth spacedock while doing the tailor tutorial, which wasn't a good start.

I've played a few MMOs, some of which have gone F2P after a while, or have started off that way. For STO, the first thing that strikes me as odd is the in-game currency which is overly complicated. For some reason there seem to be 4 or more different currencies, which is just confusing for a new player.

Also, there doesn't seem to be a many ways to make energy credits in game to actually buy equipment/consumables. It seems natural to me that ECs should be given as one of the rewards for a mission, as a small passive income generator. The only things I've acquired of any value I've kept for use because I can't afford anything. I'm a lvl 3 lieutenant and still don't have any ECs still.

My overall impression is that the in-game economy is overly biased towards spending real money for in-game equipment, which actually lowers the enjoyment of the game. The one MMO I've played recently that has got the best F2P model is GW2, which is extremely polished (very few bugs, and looks and plays brilliantly - on release). No nickle and diming, as most items for real money are cosmetics only. On top of that you can exchange in-game currency for store currency (gems).
Having been around STO since closed beta, i would say you hit it on the head, since F2P/P2W launched.

Some people are going to claim you can get everything in game without spending Real World money, and they would be correct, but fail to mention the disproportionate amount fo time to acquire the items. In STO, you are punished if you dont want to spend RW monies. The time to acquire the Dilithium needed for conversion into Zen is way out of wack compared to the player that has more disposable income.

It is even further punishing the player by only letting them refine 8k of Dilithium a day. Just to get a complete set of weapons and consoles for your ship at lvl 50 takes aroun 150k plus dilithium, divide that by the daily refine cap, and your at 18 days just for the equipment, not to mention the 2500 zen required for the ship.

This is a far cry from when the Cstore went live, and we were promised the ability to get all items in game in a reasonable amount of time.

As far as too many currencies, you are correct. At one points we had something like 10 in game currencies. One for each level of exploration cluster missions as well as the daily currency. Cryptic removed all but two, and i guess they realized it is much harder for them as a company, because now it seems we are going to get a currency for everything that gets added, unless Romulans are the last Rep faction we need to worry about, which is highly unlikely.

Just be prepared to be shouted down for your view point, it is not the most prevalent one on these forums, a shame really, seeing as how people spend 3 years worth of subscription monies in a single month, and shout out that the game is F2P.