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08-04-2009, 03:47 PM
Originally Posted by Cloaked_Warbird
And lo, the Pirate Bogglesworth was exchanged for the Holy cup and there was much rejoicing throughout the lands.
Truly you are a genius with this wonder called photoshop, oh great Duke Cloaked_Warbird of Safaria!!!!!
Originally Posted by trebort5050 View Post
This is indeed worthy of the Holy Teacup.

I shall order Fireworks and assorted Teabags for the National Holiday I shall create.
Fireworks!!!!! My lord, you are too kind. A National Holiday is indeed a marvelous idea!!!

P.S. Nice to meet you Shaun! Teacup Land sends you greetings, and we hope you will choose to honour us with your presence sometime in the near future!!!