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11-25-2012, 10:48 AM
Gorn minefield and Starbase 24 can be played even by a blind person.Get a escort with csv3 and pew pew till you end.Remember to not use the brain because thats how those missions strategy ,tactic ...nothing ,not even team work is needed.

new missions is the same thing with a bit of goal in it (repair those stations) ,but like the old one is still the same call of duty in space.

Both had/have s**** rewards and rewarding system.Just because my tac toon can get the purple thingy everytime doesnt mean the rewards are good and worth playing .Some people who play in cruiser or sci ships will always get the second and third place.

the bad thing is that cryptic showed that it can make brilliant space and ground missions ,but all those missions with a billion enemies and no strategy suck badly.