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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
The thing with the Aux Cannons is that they are good in theory, but in practice actually can be... well clunky. They don't synergize well with other weapons at all. Simply because they are the only weapons we currently have access to that run on Aux. All other weapons (minus torps and mines) run off of weapon power. If you have 25/50/25/100 settings, only your aux cannons will be doing damage, while whatever you have on the rear, unless you are constantly shuffling power around (which most skilled players can do, but it's tedious as hell) will be insufferably weak.
You don't use turrets to do damage, you use them to proc. Whatever your power to weapons is, they won't do anything significant. That's why I run a couple of aux cannons with a torp and 3 turrets in the back. Just to proc.

And my power layout isn't 25/50/25/100 it's 50/25/25/100. I don't rely on passive regen for my shields anyway. That's why I think people dismissing the aux cannons miss the greatest opportunity, they can use all their science abilities with the highest possible efficiency, and it'll make a difference. HE and TSS at 125 aux power = huge win. the puny DPS turrets do won't matter at all in comparison.

The only good reason not to use them would be the fact that you already own purple Mk XII tac consoles and aren't willing to buy phaser ones, but that's it.

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