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# 17 sounds good
11-25-2012, 12:13 PM
Sounds good i tried the single cannon road but it just made me think if im gunna use cannons i might aswell get a raider or battle cruiser but im strange like that haha (i get bored easy)

please do edit your stuff in as im always interested to see if i can tank further by switching powers around

I primarily tank but i can deal it too i seem to tank to a point use my miracle worker, tank some more and then die so i would like to see if i can get it where i can tank constantly that would be great

even with beams me and my brothls can take down an elite cube in around 25-30 seconds and the gate on kase in around 1 minute 30 secs on my own( this isn't bragging might not even be that good just rough times obviously this vary s with different factors i.e. outside help, Bop torp crit hits, tactical fleet from others)

EDIT** I have heard allot of people saying the lower level beam target subsystems don't do allot but there worth clicking especially on probes(Engines drop straight away every time) and spheres 50% of the time you can drop a facing shield instantly not so much on the bigger stuff, target weapons works on kase gates though

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