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Originally Posted by genemorph View Post
Also, there doesn't seem to be a many ways to make energy credits in game to actually buy equipment/consumables. It seems natural to me that ECs should be given as one of the rewards for a mission, as a small passive income generator. The only things I've acquired of any value I've kept for use because I can't afford anything. I'm a lvl 3 lieutenant and still don't have any ECs still.
Seriously, don't bother with buying gear off the exchange at your level. It is a COMPLETE waste of EC. You will do perfectly fine in battle with the starter gear that comes with your ship and the gear that comes with mission rewards. Plus, you will level so fast that by the time you acquire the expensive stuff, you will have out leveled its usefulness. Even the common ship vendor gear will allow you level up level 50 no problem.

Save your EC for when you hit level cap. That's when the gear matters. Sell or vendor the drops that you don't use. You'll have over a million EC by doing that by the time you hit 50 as long as you're not spending it along the way.
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