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Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
I use SNB doffs, danubes, tractor beams, a full maco set for the heavy graviton beam, I have VM3/TBR3 modular boffs and a graviton pulse console/tholian web (depending on my mood). I enjoy my "you won't play till i decide you can or till you run away" build. I like when I get insulted, it means people thrown stuff at their screen and that i've been a decent sci in this specific match.
whats your name in game? i got 3 sub nuke doffs of my own. and if you want to play the lame game then ill make it so u dont have any buffs either. and trust me my ship is probly geared way better then yours.

just look at my pic, you see what happened over ellis island? thats nothing compaired to the hurrican my bug can wip up and do to you.

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