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1 - I don't exploit things (I have yet to find an exploit other than shields while cloaking, and that is still next to useless) other than the Kerrat bug, which simplly switches my faction temporarily.

2 - I use the subspace jump console or isometric charge, depending on what situation I'm in. But I never use them to cause lag, as I get enough of that. Heck, I usually end up causing my game to freeze up by using some powers and consoles.

3 - Well of course.

4 - I can't really answer this one since I rarely do team PvP, and because my game lags so I can't target an ally in time to use the HE. But if I can, I try to send HE to someone who's hull is getting dangerously low or being eaten by plasma fire.

5 - I'm against spawn camping, but on occasion in Kerrat I do sometimes repeatedly target the other faction after we've broken their spawn camp. But I don't join in on an actual camp.

6 - I don't even insult or say mean things to other players to begin with, after being killed I usually just respawn and go mindlessly throw myself back at the same person. And end up getting killed again.

7 - I don't blame the devs for the system, as I don't really know how PvP is broken (I know it is, but just not what it is that's broken exactly). I also don't use SNB or siphon drones.

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