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With a groan the dark haired trill slips carefully into the cavern entrance making his way back to his comrades that survived the special tasking they were sent on. Rounding a corner he winced feeling a sharp pain where he had twisted his ankle in their haste to find cover from the Borg. He takes a seat next to short blonde Bajoran female whom is firmly holding a bandage over a gaping wound in the blue engineer’s side. “Sir, if we do not get Taltha to a doctor soon I cannot be sure she will survive this little trip. She is bleeding heavy and my efforts to slow the bleeding have not been very effect”. Commander Kurab nods silently gazing at the two that were near him wondering if they would survive this mission. “Just keep up your best effort as there is very little else we can do until the shuttle is back in range to beam us out, if it is still there at all. It appears we at least have lost our pursuers and are as safe as we will ever be on the god forsaken planet. I will be right back; don’t hesitate to call if you need me as I won’t be far away, Sherima”.
Sherima’s expression is very grim as she nods to her Commander’s words and looks down to see Taltha’s antennae twitch a moment in her unconscious state. As Timothy walks away into the darkness of the cavern Sherima mumbles to her, “I just wish we could have saved M’tott before the Borg had got their hands on him”. Commander Kurab settles a short distance away in a small room of the cavern so that he can have some semblance of privacy. He pulls out a small device about the size of a standard Starfleet communicator and clicks it once. “This is Commander Timothy Kurab of the U.S.S. Trouncer. It is stardate 90490 and I do not know the precise time due to our circumstances. I am recording this log in hopes that if we do not make it off this planet what happened might still be recorded in the event this device is recovered. At least it will be my hope that this log will provide information that might aid in the eventual defeat of the Borg”.
Kurab grimaces and groans quietly when he shifts to a more comfortable position and then continues, “Myself and three other crew members of the U.S.S. Trouncer were sent on this special operation by Task Force Omega to upload a virus into the Borg collective with the hope it would then be sent to the queen’s ship orbiting the planet in the regular upload link. Assigned to my team was Lt. Commander Sherima Olaju a Bajoran explosives expert. Lt. Commander Taltha Ovrim was our assigned engineer. Finally Lt. M’tott was provided as our science and medical team member. We traveled here aboard a modified runabout which could mask its approach and orbit using some new technology recently devised by the fleet R&D department. After our beam down the shuttle went into hibernation mode and is expected to awaken in approximately an hour if it has not been discovered. At that time it will locate our signatures and beam us out, ideally”.
Timothy pauses a moment and sits the device on a nearby rock. He then picks up a small canteen like container and opens it taking a sip. Once he is done he closes it and picks the device back up to begin the next portion of his log. “Getting on the planet was incredibly easy to our surprise. I was uncomfortable with the fact we were able to get here with no interference but I accepted it and we continued on our mission. We immediately set out for the primary target facility which was about a mile and half walk from our beam in point. Though we did not expect any immediate interference from the Borg we did attain individual dampeners to decrease the odds the Borg would take notice of us pre-maturely”.
“After we manage to observe the facility for about fifteen minutes we found an entrance that was commonly used and open for an extended period. We used this for our point of entry into the facility. Up to this point the maps which Intel had provided us were very accurate. Thankfully getting to our target was as easy as getting on the planet. None of the Borg considered our small group a threat, which was very typical of the Borg mindset. Once we neared the central complex where the primary computer was located we discovered the defenses there were not very strong, but enough to cause us a bit of difficulty. The central processing link was located in a room that had multiple drones guarding it. As well it had a shield around the room that prevented entry to all except authorized drones.”
With a click he turns the device off and places it back into his uniform pocket. He then slowly rises to his feet and moves with a bit of a limp back to the main cavern. As he nears where he had left the other two team members he hears a low sobbing sound. Upon reaching Sherima he finds her cradling Taltha’s limp form in her arms. Kneeling down by her he places an arm around Sherima’s shoulders and in an attempt to comfort her he says, “Her death was not in vain that is the one comfort we can have in this circumstance. None of the deaths today will go without meaning because of our accomplishments here and all the lives it will save”. Sherima simply nods as her blonde hair falls over her face. Not bothering to brush it out of the way she simply stares down at the Andorian’s limp body as she holds it. Satisfied there is nothing more he can do, Kurab stands quietly and goes back to his “corner” to finish his report.
With a silent click of his little device he turns it back on and begins, “Log supplemental, I wish to add that the planet we are on is Alini three of the Alini System in the Gamma Orionis Sector. It did not take Lt. Commander Olaju, our explosives expert, to come up with a plan to not only distract the Borg but also bring down the protective shielding. Olaju and our doctor, M’tott, proceeded to the nearby power junction which supplied the entire wing with power. They set charges around the center core without any problems from the nearby drones. At my signal they detonated the charges with their newly modified phaser rifles at ready”.
“Once the central power core for the section was destroyed the shields went down immediately. It took a lot of work but we were able to take down the drones that were guarding the uplink panel at the central processor. Lt. Commander Olaju and Lt. M’tott managed to make their way back to us, however; with considerable resistance from the Borg. Once they joined back up with our team I relayed the virus from our small PADD into the Borg console. It only took a mere second or less for the virus to load into the system”.
“It was at about this point that a chill ran down my spine as I heard a scream emanate from our doctor Lt. M’tott. I turned to see him in the clutches of a Borg drone well under way to becoming a Borg himself. I quickly retrieved my own rifle and shot him but it was too late. He was far enough gone to have adapted to our weapons along with the rest of the Borg attacking us. My team and I quickly sought an exit but on our way our one of the drones managed to gouge Lt. Commander Ovrim in the side with its arm”.
We were eventually able to escape the Borg facility to this cavern we are currently hiding in. Unfortunately we also lost Lt. Commander Taltha Ovrim due to her excessive wound just a short while ago. I do not know if the virus fully uploaded, or if we will be recovered. We were not able to make it to the planned beam out point, however; the shuttle is programed to search for us. That is if it was not discovered and destroyed by the Borg. I do wish to note that as we made our way out of the Borg compound in the beginning you could see the damage the virus was doing. As we came nearer to the egress location it seemed that the Borg began to recover slightly and start making repairs to nearby systems. I do not know if this was a sign they defeated the virus or not”.
As Kurab click the device to turn it off again he began to stand up as he intended to check on Sherima, however; he heard a shrill scream from her room. Timothy dropped the small device and dashed for her location realizing enroute that he didn’t have his weapon on himself.

To Be Continued…

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