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Originally Posted by devorasx View Post

I can tell you how i flew my Atrox healer.

What i recommend and what should be KEY in a healer build is using Photonic Officer 3 with 2 Photonic doffs to lower CD even further. It will lower CD by a whopping 40-45% all depending on Doff quality. This will help you in 2 ways:

1. It enables you to run a single copy of any relevant skill since you`ll have it back as fast as if you ran 2 copies of it.

2. It gives you flexibilty to choose varied skills so you aint restricted to using multiple copies of X heal to keep up.

So run a PO3, TSS3, HE2 and ST1 on one Sci commander, and spread out remainder heals on the other Boffs.

Good luck.
no need for that. its all in the doffs 2x purple sci team doffs. so what i do have on my cat carrier is sphyon 3(not sure what it does to the person but it sure as hell buffs my systems)
sci team 3 tss 2 he 3 2 tb 1 x2 epts 1 extends 1 epts 3 and i do have a tt 1. i hardly ever use tt. its more of a oh crap need to use it with tss. like a poor mans rsp. i wish i could try po3 but that only comes on an unlocked bo. tho i did get that bo during the winter advent. over wrote po3 like a moron.