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11-25-2012, 03:03 PM
a tofu course at a 7 course Asian dinner.. leave more room later for desert..

the Italian version of fruit cake has maybe more alcohol so this eaten right up..

Turkey BACON is ok. if its smoked and cured right it has a nice flavour. . the fat is over played in diet its size portion and draining off to a laird jar like granny used to.. Laird shortening adds layers to baking for fluffy
savory treats .. i mean every folded layer of Chicago deep dish and Danish Pastries like a Philo in a Baklava..
butter spread on with like a cake frosting angel spatula

or French fresh Croissants.. those dough layers and flodign over you get so many layers of nice breake apart goodness.
Beware of Cloaked Romulans Bering Gifts

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