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11-25-2012, 02:18 PM
At this point I'm not sure if you're trolling me or not.

I also saw no fans wanting forward swept nacelles before the Regent came out
You obviously wasn't listening. If it wasn't for the "Archieved Posts", I'd say go visit the Sovereign Refit threads prior to the Regent's appearance. It was mentioned a few times.

I dont know how you would get sued for confirming/providing proof that Cryptic did tweak your entry.
You DON'T post legal documentation online, period.

all entries became property of Cryptic (so calling it yours, would technically be incorrect), and they didnt have to acknowledge a the use of other entries for any other purpose, nor would there have had to have been a need for Cryptic to send you legal documentation. (Ironically Im not asking for that either... a PM from JamJamz to you stating he used portions of your entry would be perfect). I wish I could find a copy of the DTNE rules... but the site that had them is gone, presumably lost in the site switch over to PWE.
Yes, the design is legally Cryptic's, and I'm not aruging that by any measure. But to say I have no rights as creator, because Cryptic altered it, is illogical thinking. You easy forget that Cryptic publically admitted they altered Adam Ihle's Odyssey so the STO Odyssey could be made. And he's still given full credit as creator, not Capnlogan. So therefore other DTNE designs and their designers should also get equal rights in acknowledgement.

There's a lot more resemblance to the design sketch than there is to your Frontier. (Although this could have more to do with the fact that your entry looks like it was done in MSPaint... (and honestly if it was, youve done something better in MSPaint than I ever could)) But even having looked at the Mk II Frontier, I still see more resemblance to the First Contact design sketch. (In fact I seem more resemblance to an Excelsior than the Regent in the Frontier...)
No, it was originally drawn on AutoCAD, a Engineering / Architecture Design program. Just that the conversion from the Drawing file to JPG Format lost tons of detail while on the Internet.

Fore and Aft

Even though you are pretty adminant in not seeing any resembleance between the Regent and the Frontier, what I'm about to say will surely not convince you. But I will try.

Similar Traits:
  • Quad Torpedo Tubes
  • Saucer Deflector replaced with "tubes".
  • Windows under the Frontier Saucer Deflector made it's way into the Regent as a lower deck of the saucer, but yet looking from the front you see the Saucer bends upwards to show the lower deck.
  • Saucer is the same (from front and sides), and rim also has the same 3-deck layer window. (Saucer from the top retained the Ovid shape, while the Froniter was reverting back to a semi-cirucular). Above view you can see the Frontier's Saucer deflector was retained in the body shape.
  • Decks 1, 2, 3, and 4 are very similar. Only difference is the Regent has a spine running down the center from the bridge to the shuttlebay. But the escape pods on the command bridge and Deck 4 were retained.
  • The Impulse Engines are similar in design, except raised one deck higher, while the Frontier's was along the saucer centerline.
  • Pylons are simlar in bend.
  • The Bussard Collector is very similar in scope with the enlarged red cover.Lighted Ventral Saucer Dome (while the Odyssey had this trait, so did the Frontier, if you look at the end of the neck under the saucer).
  • Also from the side, you see that the front of the engineering section is nearly 100% identical.
  • Similary sloped back (from the side), only that they cleverly made a negative space (which I personally didn't think of).
  • Tail Shuttle Bay (While mine was a cargo bay and the shuttle bay was a deck under the tail).
  • And of course the side of the Engineering Section has an extension that runs to the pylons, like I have in the Frontier.
Of course JamJamz really made some nice improvements that really made her a transition from Sovereign to Odyssey. Added the Sovereign Concept's Turkey Wing. (Though personally liked to seen an option for a swept-back pylon design). So his twist really made her better than my original entry.

Now again, if you don't see those similarities, nothing I can say will convince you. And whatever you say isn't going to discourage me from continuing make a bridget set (which is done in sketches) and an MSD.