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Having the Same Problem over here with the Assigment "Station Personnel Officer on Starbase"

But as they say, Images say more than Words:
As you can see, we cant contribute any more Boffs for the Project since the update 2 Weeks ago. Before the Update 7 Purple where required, wich where fully contributed, and now where stuck with this.

What we have tried so far:
Different Boffs (Klingon, Fed) of different classes and races throu the rooster in all qualitys.

What we haven't tried so far:
Abort the Mission (haha, since theres no abort button...)
Close the Fleet (... come on, sersly -.- )
. . .

Well so much for the sarcasmn, but after now close to 3 weeks of a total update standstill, this is getting anoying. What also anoyes me is, that if you set up a ticket, it wont show up in "my tickets" als long as no shady support staffmember has answerd to it, you should probably also looking into this and change a few thing in that system, since it really raises the idea of just being ignored...

So, if you cant locate the bug any soon, i suggest to add the option to abort projects asap, since after this time i dont really care about loosing all the contributed Material to actually get any progress again.

PS.: As our Big Boss, ThomasZero already mentioned in his ticket, i offer you devs the option to actually join our Fleet and try stuff out yourself to see how the bug could work (or not)

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