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Originally Posted by khamseenair View Post
That's not completely true, a lot of big companies advertise sales in advance. For example, Amazon announced their black Friday sale was coming a month before it started, most high street retailers announce sales in advance so as to attract customers who may not be in town on those days otherwise, etc.

Though I do agree that PWE never would do that, because as you say, none of us would buy anything until the sale started. It's a little different with big businesses which sell a much larger selection of products.

Sorry, I know it's nit picking, but I just ran an elite STF with people I'm pretty sure couldn't even spell their own names if asked to, so I felt the need haha.

Thanks, I found that out after Google searching them. Though even when I tried using them, the pricing is still in Euros. I guess we should just be grateful we're not being as badly ripped off as those who use the Steam wallet to purchase Zen. Still, some explanation would be nice.
I'd have to agree on the first part...larger "big-box" stores can afford to advertise early because they have other streams of revenue. It isn't like some people can put off going to Wal-Mart, after all, until Black Friday or something.
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