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Cole looks over the report.

Cole : helm set course for these coordinates full speed. We may not have much time.
*The rest of the Allied fleet arrives at Lanco II.*

Sam: I'll be in Transporter Room 2.

*Sam leaves the bridge, with Matt running into the Turbolift after her.*

Matt: Don't even think about it!

Sam: Matt, I know Iconian technology. If anyone can shut down that Gateway, I can.

Matt: It's insane! You'll be killed!

Sam: if we open the gate before the Iconians can, they won't be able to come through.

Matt: Assuming it's an Iconian Gateway, and assuming the Iconians are using it!

Sam: Safest assumption.

Matt: I'll go with you.

*Sam turns to Matt*

Sam: No. I need you to stay here. We can't risk losing both the Captain AND First Officer.

Matt: Samantha...

Sam: It's my choice.

Matt: I love you.

*The turbolift stops and the door opens. Before leaving the lift, Sam turns around and hugs Matt.*

Sam: I know.

*Sam lets go and walks into the transporter room.*

*20 minutes later, Sam's dressed in an EVA Suit and is waiting on the Transporter Pad.*

Sam: Energize.

*Sam is beamed onto the surface of the Gateway. She magnetizes her boots and walks across the surface to a Control Node, waving a hand over it, causing a short column of blue hexagonal control chips to rise. Before she can touch anything, a blue energy spike de-magnetizes her boots and the Gateway activates. 5 large Iconian ships (three times the size of a Scimitar) emerge and line up against the allied fleet.*

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