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11-25-2012, 04:04 PM
Earlier today...

Match #1
Guy on our PUG flies out there fast, notes that it's a premade, and says there's no hope. They're very light on the cheese though - so he's calling targets, and although we lose - it's not that bad. There was still some fun to be had - it was the basic if we'd been a team, worked better together, etc, etc, etc - could have been a great match. It was an acceptable loss - a logical loss.

Match #2
Teamed with that guy again. He starts calling targets, but it's not long before he drops. The rest of us keep fighting, but I choose not to queue after that. I'm not sure what cheese this group didn't use. It was like an aggregate of complaints from the forums - would have made a great video for the devs to watch - hey guys, this is what folks are complaining about. There was no fun in the least - it was just one of those why am I bothering with this game moments.

It's possible to lose and still have fun - to want to keep playing.
It's possible to lose and want to uninstall the game - to bad mouth the devs to all your friends and random strangers while waiting in line at the grocery store.

Fun's very important...

edit: BTW, that was FvF Arena. Earlier on a KDF toon, in a KvF match - our PUG beat their PUG in a 4v4 C&H. All the same though, it wasn't fun. Say what? Two of the Feds were AFKers from the start. It was a meaningless victory - where the AFKers sucked the fun out of it for both their team and our team.

It's possible to win and still not have fun.

Fun's very important, in case you missed that earlier...
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