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11-25-2012, 04:39 PM
Originally Posted by jkstocbr View Post
And Cryptic accountants are rejoicing in song as this forces players to buy more z-points to convert to Dilithium to make up for the lack of Dilithium being generated in the game.
And this is only good if the volume of transactions are high. Preferably as high or higher. Though they could still be a bit lower volume. But if the volume is dramatically lower, it means the game is about to burn through its players.

Economic efficiency can be a measure of happiness (and high dilithium values are a way to measure that) but if the price fails to reflect ACTUAL happiness, people will leave your market.

My thing was always that it should take more ZEN to buy dilithium (and dilithium should buy more ZEN) but only at the rate that people experience and express heightened satisfaction. It should be a slow boil, not a flash fry.

Sometimes, I think they crowdsource for insight on this kind of thing. And if they're crowdsourcing me (and sometimes I think they are), it might be wise to consider that:

- What I post is off the cuff.
- It isn't fully explained.
- The important details of my analysis often go beyond what I share.
- I have ideas that I don't post because devs have warned me off on sharing certain things, less they become Cryptic property per forum EULA.
- Anything I say is based off what I see and know. Which makes it guesses. And that's true for all of us on the forums. I can't say anything about T5 Omega Rep projects that is accurate because I can't run them and S7 wasn't on Tribble long enough for anyone to test them. And if somebody on the team takes an idea we're discussing here and takes a detour with it, we can't correct for it until it hits the live server.

I suspect this is true for many of us. I have a feeling this economic planning came in response to some forum analysis that some of us have been making for awhile on how the market could work. Or at least it's parallel to what I and some other have said.

And if it's working for them, fine. But if it's not (and I have my doubts), maybe they should actually talk to a few of us.

Maybe it's paranoid. I think a lot of their planning at this point is based on forum lurking, though. And if they're going to do that routinely, job offer or no, they ought to fly 10 of us out to San Jose for a weekend strategy session under NDA rather than ferret our forum feedback, put their own spin on it, and send it live.

It's probably just paranoia on my part. But we'll see.

I'm curious to see the posts over the next few days, whether this is working as intended. In which case, great! I was sitting on a bundle of dilithium, planning on a market crash; I think the ZEN sale was an excitent here but was expecting a drop over a couple of weeks down to around 50 dil per ZEN.

Or maybe this was unintended and it prompts sweeping changes and rounds of teeth gnashing and apologies. In which case, as one of the barbarians at the gate, I'll suggest they send Geko out this time. Because I have a feeling that there was a meeting several weeks ago where Dan Stahl had a lot of the reservations players here are having and Geko was the one with his finger on the trigger. And it ended with Stahl backing down after being told to back off. And if that hunch is right, well... Yes, blame Stahl. Yes. The buck stops there. But send Geko out to actually deal with the community. Push him outside the systems team bubble and send him on PR detail. Assign him to collect and listen to feedback rather than dismiss it.

But, hey! Maybe it's intentional. If so and if it's working, great! Raises all around! I look forward to my $80 worth of ZEN I'll get when the market bottoms out.