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Originally Posted by drkfrontiers View Post
[*] I actively seek out to exploit powers when I know that they are currently deemed as broken, and go to great lengths to justify them as ok, both to myself and others.
Nope. I've even stopped using powers because they've become broken.

[*] I use console powers not necessarily because of their damage potential which I know is not great, but the unintended side effects of lag they do cause to another player.
Nope, I only use consoles in PvE

[*] "I" must survive.
Well kind of yeah, since if I die the other team gets a point.

[*] I would rather save that HE for myself that extend it to a team mate.
I always cross heal, unless I'm the one getting fired at.

[*] I spawn camp before moving away, not allowing the other side to advance.

[*] When someone brutally kills me, I insult them via PM or zone chat, instead of PM them afterwards to congratulate them.
I'd never insult someone for defeating me. That said I generally don't congratulate them either, but that's mostly due to being lazy.

[*]I find it easier to blame the devs for the system, but am still quite "innocent", happily running three SNB (take your pick) doffs.
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