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11-25-2012, 06:14 PM
Oberth class USS Penguin. Seemed appropriate for an Oberth somehow.

Miranda class USS Senak. Just a made-up Vulcan name.

Olympic/Hope/Horizon mix-n-match class USS Gamete. 'Cause it looks like a sperm, and because it seems like a somewhat poetic and sci metaphor for what the Fed does: contact new cultures and invite them into the Fed melting pot- combination, hybridization, cross-pollination, etc.

Excelsior class (T5) USS Halifax. It's what the random name generator gave it, and I though "eh, seems a likely enough name for an actual ST ship, so sure, why not".

Danube class USS Esquilax. My one in-game joke name, but just obscure and sciencey-sounding enough to make it a stealth joke.

My foundry ship is the Miranda class USS Mac 'Cheese. Yes, it has orange plating.

Klink ships:

Norgh BOP class IKS Needle in Bone

K'Tinga class IKS Flower of Iron

Toron Shuttle IKS Nail Underfoot

Vor'Kang Class (T5 retrofit) IKS Blackened Tree

Foundry Klink ship is the Norgh BOP class IKS Pomme Fritz.

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