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08-04-2009, 07:43 PM
Originally Posted by Cloaked_Warbird
But then we might be forced to endure 'Borg Thong' like Locutus wore in TNG after he was captured by the Enterprise. Not to mention being able to hear the thoughts (or lack there of) of chavs has been known to turn the most manly of men in to gibbering wrecks. The void that would be left in the consciousness of the Borg hive mind would be Lovecraftian in scope.
Defective drones are usually deactivated and then unassembled for spare parts so no prob.

Define meaning of "Borg thon" That one eludes me.

Anyway Picard seems to be still quite upset about his assimilation on the "First contact" Poor Brog.. We havenīt made first contact on that time if they werent there to prevent it in the first place