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11-25-2012, 06:26 PM
I trust most of you gorged yourself with a dry tasteless bird (yeah I hate turkey lol). NOW GO AN BURN IT OFF!!

So, on my first engineer i saw that I had an unused free token for the galaxy class retrofit. So i decided to claim it and fiddle with it.
I have 3 photonic torpedoes and the rest are very rare mk XI phaser beams, except for one retro phaser beam array. (I'm thinking of replacing all of them with retro phasers )

As you well know the galaxy-class turn rate is worse than the Odyssey for some reason, so I tested it with 3 RCS units - not much difference, So considring it'll get hammered I added ONE RCS, one neutronium, one rare mk XII monotanium (i might add two), and one ablative armor console.
I also have the saucer separation module one shield amplifier, and one power insulator (my logic is that if i can barely move I should protect my ship against power drains and kinetic damage.)
And considering my fairly even weapon layout, i have one photonic torpedo console, and one phaser console.
My abilities are mainly hull heals (HT, Aux to Struc, et.c..), with one EPtS, and for tactical I have FAW and torpedo spread.

I know this is a very realistic somewhat all around build (which doesn't always work in a game) with a focus on hull self-healing, but I posted it so I can have you tell me my mistakes

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