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look this is not about this build or that build its about should we as a PVP community be more open with newer PVP players with how we accomplish things... I for one support this idea... if not for the few PVP people I have run into in my years of play I would have learned nothing and just been a big ship painted with red and white concentric circles all over it (I still feel like that sometimes)

in just the past 6 months I have learned so much about PVP and the mechanics that make it work for me that my game has improved to at least an 80% improvement over what I was doing 6months to a year ago.... Im not perfect and Im still learning but I also knowingly hurt myself in PVP trying to utilize several different abilities I should prolly not be trying to use... but you know what in the end I learn valuable lessons that I can apply to make my ship build and captain skill build better and eventually focus to the point that I am not that ship with the red and white concentric circles painted all over it... (unfortunately being a science captain in an OBVIOUS Science ship... I usually still become the main focus pretty fast) in PVP I usually give as good as I get... I may not get the huge damage numbers or healing numbers Im not the star on my team Im a sci captain and that means Im a supporting team mate but at least my presence was felt by the opposing team... we all had fun and usually queue up to do it again
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