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Transmission from Starfleet Command coming in on secure channel...

On Earth date 11/16/12 at approximately twenty four hundred fifty five hours (11:55 P.M.), Admiral Voporak and the U.S.S. Black Phantom-A disappeared without a trace from all sensors. No evidence has been found of how the ship vanished. The Defiant class escort vessal was rumored to contain a modified Borg temporal node; however, no signs of a temporal anomoly were recorded at the time. The ship was equipped with a cloaking device, but it is detectable with advanced means. All searches have turned up negative for the Black Phantom.

End Transmission

(OOC: That date was the last time I logged on, since I can't log on since S7. But I will be getting a new computer soon and will be able to get back on; until then, you just have to figure out what happened to the Black Phantom)
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