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Greetings Dev's,

There is a new bug in the Fleet system upgrade projects:

"Station Andorian personnel officer on fleet starbase"

If you added this project prior to s7 hitting you probably were fine. However, after season 7 there is a bug in the project that doesnt allow ANYONE to add the Boff's requested for the project. Doesnt matter if you have common (white) uncommon (green) Rare (blue) or Very rare (purple) Andorian Bridge officer in your roster, the fleet project does not accept any of them from anyone in the fleet bound or unbound.

This has halted our progression and we can no longer queue any other upgrade projects. Can some one please look into this? You can observe an example of this bug on live via the fleet this charcter is in.

I suggest other fleets be carerful in adding this project to your queue for now.

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