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Originally Posted by daan2006 View Post
then i should be able to do that in a day seen i can put 16 hours a day in to the game but forgive me if i dont beleave that
Sell the purples that drop at the end of the fleet action. It's not hard. Just a bit luck based, you want particular consoles to drop, like phaser/disruptor/antimag/neutronium; all those will get you 3m plus per. The plasma ones are shooting up in price recently too. Certain weapons sell well too, specifically turrets and beams arrays of popular damage types.

It's gotten less lucrative since the markets been flooded, but it's still pretty easy money.

Plus you vendor the plethora of white/green items that now drop. That make you several hundred thousand for an SB24 by itself.

A clever person would have recognized that Plasma weapons were going to be very popular soon, and bought the consoles while they were cheap to resale(currently at about a 400% markup). That sort of stuff happens all the time for someone that's paying attention.

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