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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
I think you're built wrong if that's indeed the case. I have a tac oddy, and it can take quite a lot of hits from the borg before I even consider blowing any real heals. And if I start to really take the heat, I am still usually fine. Something about 56k hp and 11k shields plus well over 40% damage resistances.

And in an oddy, you should always have an EPtS up. Always. You'll find your shields go down less. And you should always have an Aux2SIF cycling for hull healing. I don't see how you can get one shotted, my oddy has NEVER had that happen. Except from Donatra's thaleron pulse (I had three tractor probes latched on to me -.-).
No, I see Odysseys go boom regularly and I doubt they all have the same builds.

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