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11-25-2012, 10:24 PM
Stasia: Foundry editing is offline while they try (hopefully) to fix the bugs that cropped in to the latest foundry code. There will be a notice when it comes back up.

Markarich: You understand that the fleet system was balanced for a 25 man fleet correct? and even then they've lowered some costs on the higher end. If you're going to do a smaller fleet then the trade off is going to be it's going to take longer to do projects. No one is forcing you or even expecting you to try and keep pace in terms of Station growth with the other, larger fleets. It's the trade off of staying small and not having to fight with so many others for Provisioned assets.

As for the new requirements for IOR, note that the time requirement now is about the same as doing 3 regular stfs for about equal rewards, save you're getting Fleet marks instead of Omega. If you are just looking for Fleet Marks as fast as possible then the Fleet Action daily (save for the Gorn Minefield which I think is still broken) is going to be a better choice then IOR. You'd also want to get your Doffs running as efficiently as possible and get everything up to rank 4 so you can run Commendation reports for some very nice Marks.

Honestly, I think a lot of the grinding complaints are players doing it to themselves. After a week busting hump to get my first two tiers done, I've pretty much throttled down and started doing what I want to do and just taking the points as they come, helping out the fleet as I can but not killing my fun to meet some imagined time table.
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