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11-25-2012, 10:13 PM
1. I have read on these very forums and heard from word of mouth about the Vesta-class doing insane amount of damage for a Sci Vessel, and it should. It has a LTC UNI and can slot cannons as well as a DPS console. It can easily out DPS any other Sci Vessel and can even nip at Escorts heels, especially with the innate Sci Vessel ability.

2. Sure does, glad to see a bit of balance. Don't worry, I'm sure the amount of QQ will get the hangar "fixed" to HEC levels.

3. It has the highest non-Fleet shield mod, a pure invincible bubble, 2 non-DPS consoles, and 4 Sci Consoles to stack +shield and +regen, so yeah...shield tank like a beast. Hull, not so much, but what Sci Vessel does?

4. Outclassed by something that has a marginally stronger hull, weaker shields, is slower, no cannons or consoles, and an inferior BOFF seating? lolwut?

5. It is a HUGE Mary Sue in the novels

Simply because YOU refuse to use cannons, have a subpar build, or what have you, and cannot pull off the feats that other Vesta Captains can does not mean your toy is not a bit on the OP side.
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