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11-25-2012, 11:22 PM
I have an Eng and a Tac toon. And I have the Borta pack as well.
On both, I tried their respective ship versions. But after playing with the ships like the Vorchas, BoPs and Ktinga it kinda can get annoying navigating this beast. You'll do a lot of reverse-turns to line up shots if you want cannons. This one works well with beams if turning is something you dont want to be bothered about.

It feels more Fed beamy peeeeeeeew-peeeeeeeew style than KDF rapid pew-pew style honestly.

The disruptor cannon works well if you can line up shots. The extra BoP can bug out at times, so be forewarned. I never used the snare cos I use the subspace jump console instead.

Though I gotta admit now on my tac I use the Brel BoP and on my eng I moved to the Fleet Vorcha and the Bortas have been mothballed
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