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11-25-2012, 11:50 PM
Purple quality loot would be a bad idea because it would be too easy to farm and purple stuffs should be very rare ,but a unique reward would be welcome because it would give players a reason to play each stfs like pre s7.
When I say unique reward I mean something either cosmetic (borgfied parts for your suit dont always have to get gear thats better than the one before ...people like to have unique visuals and make their toon as much as possible unique ) or something thats collectible (people like to collect stuffs) .They would only have to use the same strategy used in lockboxes.

Even dilithium drops would make them more interesting because people would start playing them to hunt for that big lump on dilithium.

They have to fool people think they will get a big shinny from each stf or mission in game and be sure people will play each mission in that pve menu one by one in order just to get that "shinny".For that they only need abit of imagination to create some uniqe rare stuffs.